Центрально-Азиатский Институт прикладных Исследований Земли (ЦАИИЗ)

Центрально-Азиатский Институт прикладных Исследований Земли (ЦАИИЗ)
Central-Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences (CAIAG)

Department structure

Coordinate the interaction of CAIAG with international organisations and institutions in the implementation of CAIAG projects.

Drawing up the annual programme of the department, in accordance with CAIAG's NIP.

Conducting business at national and international level.

Preparation of progress reports of each employee of the department for preparation of the Chapter "International Capacity Building and Scientific Cooperation" of the Annual Report of CAIAG.

Concluding memoranda with international organisations and institutions for international cooperation. Legal support.

Ensuring participation of CAIAG management in meetings, seminars, meetings both internationally and nationally.

Preparation, maintenance of correspondence and provision of information materials and organisational issues for CAIAG staff.

Organising meetings of CAIAG management with missions of external organisations, international institutions. Preparation of presentations and information on the meeting and solution of organizational issues.

Maintain and update the database on CAIAG partners: foreign national and international institutions, foreign embassies in the Kyrgyz Republic, embassies of the Kyrgyz Republic abroad, other external organizations.

Prepare letters of appreciation and congratulations to foreign partners in the framework of international cooperation, related to the beginning/end of joint activities.

Carries out correspondence related to travel arrangements for CAIAG management and staff.

Prepares greeting letters to foreign and local partners.

Collaboration with media of KR and other foreign countries.

Work on issuance and renewal of service and diplomatic passports of CAIAG leadership in accordance with the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Work closely with embassies of other countries in the KR and MFA of KR DCC (visa support).

Organize and conduct protocol and representation events.

Organizes receiving, accommodation and seeing off of foreign delegations staying at CAIAG (VIP-lounge services, meeting and seeing off of delegations at the airport, organization of cultural program.


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