Центрально-Азиатский Институт прикладных Исследований Земли (ЦАИИЗ)

Центрально-Азиатский Институт прикладных Исследований Земли (ЦАИИЗ)
Central-Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences (CAIAG)



 The Grassroots Institute with CAIAG informational support has launched the “GLOBAL LECTURES | LOCAL IMPACTS.

The Grassroots Institute has launched the “GLOBAL LECTURES | LOCAL IMPACTS”, a new initiative featuring which takes advantage of the expertise, knowledge, experience, and views of distinguished professors, scholars, experts, and activists for the benefit of a global audience including students, teachers, researchers, scholars, field practitioners, professionals and anyone who is interested. To read more about this initiative, please visit: https://www.grassrootsinstitute.ca/gli. Several senior professors will deliver their fascinating lectures in May and June, and in October-November 2022. 

Universities and colleges generally organize such lectures for their students, teachers, and researchers, to showcase research undertaken within various faculties of the institution. Occasionally external experts are invited as well. We propose a new and unique concept that allows “lecture pooling”, whereby multiple institutions can share the same virtual lecture simultaneously. This amplifies the reach of these valuable lectures to a wider audience across the world. Funding arrangements within The Grassroots Institute have allowed us to offer these lectures at no charge. Any Institution contributing 3 lectures will automatically become Co-organizer of those particular 3 lectures, alongside our Permanent Co-organizer, Nomomente Institute. A detailed sample page for a lecture can be seen by visiting: 


To participate in these lectures FREE, what is to be done:
1. Register and Attend the Lectures (Zoom ID is given in Chart or on web page of listed lecture) 
2. Become an Institutional Host (see a box on the website) 
3. Disseminate the information about these lectures or the initiative (promo images are attached on web pages of the lectures) 
4. Download the Lecture Promos and share on your Facebook/LinkedIn. You may also share directly from our Facebook page
Lastly, if you have interest and time, please browse our different websites and links of initiatives:
- The Grassroots Institute [principal site] <http://grassrootsinstitute.net/>
- The Grassroots Institute [education site] <https://grassrootsinstitute.ca/>
- Global Lectures | Local Impacts <https://grassrootsinstitute.ca/gli>
- Grassroots Global Leadership Program <https://grassrootsinstitute.ca/glp>
- Grassroots Global Network <https://grassrootsglobal.net/>
- Summer Field School 2023 <https://grassrootsglobal.net/mer2023>
- Grassroots Journals <http://www.grassrootsjournals.org/>
- YouTube Videos <https://www.youtube.com/user/grassrootsinstitute>

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